About N.N. Control Panels Ltd


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Who we are

N.N. Control Panels Ltd was registered as a company in 1986 and it is privately owned premises of 450m² modern manufacturing working area, 300m² offices and facilities and 250m² storage area and its location at Ay. Silas Industrial Area.

What we do

The company employs on a permanent basis highly qualified and experienced personnel including a number of university graduates in the relevant field, who are responsible for the design, development,  production and testing of Low Voltage Switch-gear and Control Panels using state of the art information technology systems and equipment, in accordance to the Cyprus-European Standards CYS EN 60439-1.

 Our Mission We are dedicated in providing high quality products and services in accordance to customer requirements and to statutory and regulatory requirements. Although Cyprus is the main market of the company, over the years through the enlargement of the company, it has managed to penetrate the European and Middle East markets offering highly specialized constructions, mainly to the manufacturing and building sectors.

Quality Standards

The present main products are imported from: EATON Germany for the Electrical components, ELSTEEL Denmark for Enclosures, KATKO Finland for isolators and FRAKO Germany for Power Factor Correction systems.

As from May 9th 2001, the company has successfully assessed to ISO 9001:2000 Quality procedures, and based on the results of the assessment the audit team has recommended to the CYS and ELOT the award and the Quality System Certificate. In view of Mr. Nicos Nicolaou, Director of N.N. Control Panels Ltd, the experience and knowledge demonstrates and confirms success and trustworthiness.

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